The FEniCS Tutorial

The FEniCS tutorial The FEniCS Tutorial is the perfect guide for new users. The tutorial explains the fundamental concepts of the finite element method, FEniCS programming, and demonstrates how to quickly solve a range of PDEs. The tutorial assumes no prior knowledge of the finite element method. The tutorial is an updated and expanded version of the popular first chapter of the FEniCS Book.

The FEniCS Tutorial was first published in 2017 with Springer.

Accessing the tutorial

The book Solving PDEs in Python – The FEniCS Tutorial I is published as part of the series Simula Springer Briefs on Computing. The book is open access and the eBook can be downloaded for free from Springer. The book can also be accessed directly from this page, both as a PDF file and in HTML. Pick your Poisson and follow one of the links below.

Comments and corrections

Comments and corrections can be reported as issues for the Git repository of the book or via email to Note that fixes will be incorporated directly into the PDF and HTML versions of the book accessible above, but will take a longer time to propagate to the Springer print and eBook versions.

Example programs

All example programs from the tutorial can be accessed directly from the Git repository of the book or by following the links below.

Note: To run, you must first run to generate the geometry and flow field data for the reaction system.

How to cite

If you use the FEniCS tutorial in your research, please use the following citation data:

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