Roadmap 2021-


The FEniCS core libraries have undergone a major redevelopment to bring new functionality, improved performance and better underpinning software engineering. The FEniCS Project is now approximately 20 years old, and over that time our understanding has developed and the available tools have changed significantly. The latest developments of FEniCS follow these principles:

New core functionality




Development is taking place on GitHub under the DOLFINx, Basix, UFL and FFCx repositories. The first “alpha” releases of DOLFINx, Basix and FFCx are now available, although some features are still awaiting reimplementation. The DOLFIN, FFC, FIAT and dijitso projects are now considered legacy.


We have published an “alpha” release of FEniCSx (DOLFINx, FFCx, Basix, UFL) as 0.8 in April 2024. The legacy FEniCS Project (DOLFIN, FFC, FIAT, UFL), is still available with release number 2019.1.0.

Future of previous FEniCS packages

We know that a number of users and developers are wondering about the future of the FEniCS packages.

Going forward, we: