class dolfin.cpp.common.UIntArray(*args)

Bases: object

This class provides a simple wrapper for a pointer to an array. A purpose of this class is to enable the simple and safe exchange of data between C++ and Python.

Overloaded versions

  • Array(N)

    Create array of size N. Array has ownership.

  • Array(N, x)

    Construct array from a pointer. Array does not take ownership.

  • Array(other)

    Disable copy construction, to avoid unanticipated sharing or copying of data. This means that an Array must always be passed as reference, or as a (possibly shared) pointer.


Return a NumPy array view of object


Overloaded versions

  • data()

    Return pointer to data (const version)

  • data()

    Return pointer to data (non-const version)


Return size of array


Return informal string representation (pretty-print). Note that the Array class is not a subclass of Variable (for efficiency) which means that one needs to call str() directly instead of using the info() function on Array objects.


The membership flag