Get in touch with the FEniCS community, discuss your issues and share your knowledge with other users, and hook up with developers to contribute to the future development of FEniCS.

Code of Conduct

We strive to make the FEniCS Project an open and respectful community. Our Code of Conduct sets out the expected standards of behaviour for the FEniCS community. It applies to all FEniCS activities including online forums and FEniCS workshops.

Slack Channel

Most discussions about FEniCS and its development take place on the FEniCS Slack channels. Everyone is invited to read and take part in discussions. You can join our Slack community by entering your email address here.

Asking questions

If you need help with using FEniCS, ask your question in the FEniCS Discourse site. If you have a specific question related to obtaining, building or installing a FEniCS component, please send a message to the FEniCS support mailing list. If you would like to discuss FEniCS development or propose a new feature, please send a message to the FEniCS developer mailing list or join us on the FEniCS Slack channels.

Reporting bugs

If you encounter something you suspect is a bug, please file an issue for the appropriate FEniCS component on Bitbucket. In particular, for reporting bugs in the FEniCS user interface, visit the DOLFIN issues page. As above, post complete but minimal code examples.


We encourage users to take active part in developing and documenting FEniCS. As an active developer, it is easy to influence the direction and focus of the project. To contribute to FEniCS development, engage with other developers on the FEniCS Slack channels. The FEniCS source code is hosted on Bitbucket. Signed copyright consents are needed for non-trivial contributions. The copyright policy and the consent submission procedures are described in the governance documents.