Asking questions

If you need help with using FEniCS, or are encountering an error, you can ask a question on the FEniCS Discourse site. To make it more likely that you get a useful reply to your question, you should:

More advice on how to post a good question is here.

Slack Channel

Discussions about FEniCS and its development take place on the FEniCS Slack channels. You can join the Slack community by entering your email address at this link.

Reporting bugs

If you encounter something you suspect is a bug, please file an issue for the appropriate FEniCS component on GitHub. In particular, for reporting bugs in the FEniCSx user interface, visit the DOLFINx issues page. As above, post complete but minimal code examples.


We encourage users to take active part in developing and documenting FEniCSx. As an active developer, it is easy to influence the direction and focus of the project. To contribute to FEniCSx development, engage with other developers on the FEniCSx Slack channels: in particular, you should join the #fenicsx and #development channels.

People of FEniCS

Here we introduce some the users of FEniCS who have found it useful.

The FEniCS Conference

The FEniCS Conference is held annually and is a great way to network with other users, keep up with new developments from core developers, hear new applications and results, and discuss ways of improving your projects.

Google Summer of Code

The FEniCS Project has participated in the Google Summer of Code for multiple projects relating to the development of FEniCS. See GSoC overview for more information.

Code of Conduct

We strive to make the FEniCS Project an open and respectful community. Our Code of Conduct sets out the expected standards of behaviour for the FEniCS community. It applies to all FEniCS activities including online forums and FEniCS workshops.


The FEniCS Project is developed and maintained as a freely available, open-source project by a global community of scientists and software developers. Full details of the governance of the FEniCS project can be found in the governance repository on GitHub.

If you wish to use the FEniCS logo, you can find high-resolution and vector versions of it, plus details of its license on the branding page.