Citing FEniCS

Main FEniCSx citations

If you use FEniCS in your research, the developers would be grateful if you would cite the relevant publications.

If your code starts with import dolfinx, you are using FEniCSx and should cite the papers on this page. FEniCSx is organized as a collection of components, so to give proper credit, please cite the indicated references for each relevant component. You can find this list of papers in BibTeX format here.


I. A. Baratta, J. P. Dean, J. S. Dokken, M. Habera, J. S. Hale, C. N. Richardson, M. E. Rognes, M. W. Scroggs, N. Sime, and G. N. Wells. DOLFINx: The next generation FEniCS problem solving environment, preprint (2023). []


M. W. Scroggs, J. S. Dokken, C. N. Richardson, and G. N. Wells. Construction of arbitrary order finite element degree-of-freedom maps on polygonal and polyhedral cell meshes, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 48(2) (2022) 18:1–18:23. [arΧiv] []
M. W. Scroggs, I. A. Baratta, C. N. Richardson, and G. N. Wells. Basix: a runtime finite element basis evaluation library, Journal of Open Source Software 7(73) (2022) 3982. []


M. S. Alnaes, A. Logg, K. B. ├ślgaard, M. E. Rognes and G. N. Wells. Unified Form Language: A domain-specific language for weak formulations of partial differential equations, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 40 (2014). [arΧiv] []

Papers that use FEniCS

To see a variety of applications of FEniCS, you can take a look at this list of recent papers that cite FEniCS.

Legacy FEniCS

If you are using legacy FEniCS and your code starts with import dolfin, you can find a list of relevant citations on the legacy citations page.