class dolfin.cpp.mesh.MeshValueCollection

Bases: object

The MeshValueCollection class can be used to store data associated with a subset of the entities of a mesh of a given topological dimension. It differs from the MeshFunction class in two ways. First, data does not need to be associated with all entities (only a subset). Second, data is associated with entities through the corresponding cell index and local entity number (relative to the cell), not by global entity index, which means that data may be stored robustly to file.
tp (str)
String defining the type of the MeshValueCollection
Allowed: ‘int’, ‘size_t’, ‘double’, and ‘bool’
dim (unsigned int)
The topological dimension of the MeshValueCollection. Optional.
mesh_function (_MeshFunction_)
The MeshValueCollection will get the values from the mesh_function Optional.
mesh (Mesh)
A mesh associated with the collection. The mesh is used to map collection values to the appropriate process. Optional, used when read from file.
filename (std::string)
The XML file name. Optional, used when read from file.
dim (unsigned int)
The mesh entity dimension for the mesh value collection. Optional, used when read from file