class dolfin.cpp.fem.LocalSolver(*args)

Bases: object

Overloaded versions

  • LocalSolver(a, L, solver_type=LU)

    Constructor (shared pointer version)

  • LocalSolver(a, solver_type=LU)

    Constructor (shared pointer version)

Cholesky = 1
LU = 0

Reset (clear) any stored factorisations


Factorise LHS for all cells and store


Solve local (cell-wise) problems A_e x_e = b_e, where A_e is the cell matrix LHS and b_e is the global RHS vector b restricted to the cell, i.e. b_e may contain contributions from neighbouring cells. The solution is exact for the case in which there is no coupling between cell contributions to the global matrix A, e.g. the discontinuous Galerkin matrix. The result is copied into x.


Solve local problems for given RHS and corresponding dofmap for RHS


Solve local (cell-wise) problems A_e x_e = b_e where A_e and b_e are the cell element tensors. This function is useful for computing (approximate) cell-wise projections, for example for post-processing. It much more efficient than computing global projections.


The membership flag