class dolfin.cpp.io.XDMFFile(*args)

Bases: dolfin.cpp.io.GenericFile, dolfin.cpp.common.Variable

This class supports the output of meshes and functions in XDMF (http://www.xdmf.org) format. It creates an XML file that describes the data and points to a HDF5 file that stores the actual problem data. Output of data in parallel is supported.

XDMF is not suitable for checkpointing as it may decimate some data.



Read in a mesh from the associated HDF5 file, optionally using stored partitioning, if possible when the same number of processes are being used.


The membership flag


Overloaded versions

  • write(points)

    Save a cloud of points to file

  • write(points, values)

    Save a cloud of points, with scalar values