FEniCS tutorial (Python)ΒΆ

Written by Hans Petter Langtangen


This tutorial is for FEniCS 1.0. For the most recent release of FEniCS, see the demo programs distributed with DOLFIN for the latest syntax.

This document presents a FEniCS tutorial to get new users quickly up and running with solving differential equations. FEniCS can be programmed both in C++ and Python, but this tutorial focuses exclusively on Python programming, since this is the simplest approach to exploring FEniCS for beginners and since it actually gives high performance. After having digested the examples in this tutorial, the reader should be able to learn more from the FEniCS documentation and from the FEniCS book Automated Solution of Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method.

The reader is encouraged to contact the author at hpl@simula.no regarding typos, errors, and suggestions for improvements.

A LaTeX/PDF version is also available, in addition to a tarball with all programs referred to in this tutorial (pack out with the Unix command tar xvzf fenics_tutorial_examples.tar.gz).