class dolfin.cpp.mesh.LocalMeshData(*args)

Bases: dolfin.cpp.common.Variable

This class stores mesh data on a local processor corresponding to a portion of a (larger) global mesh. Note that the data stored in this class does typically not correspond to a topologically connected mesh; it merely stores a list of vertex coordinates, a list of cell-vertex mappings and a list of global vertex numbers for the locally stored vertices. It is typically used for parsing meshes in parallel from mesh XML files. After local mesh data has been parsed on each processor, a subsequent repartitioning takes place: first a geometric partitioning of the vertices followed by a redistribution of vertex and cell data, and then a topological partitioning again followed by redistribution of vertex and cell data, at that point corresponding to topologically connected meshes instead of local mesh data.

Create local mesh data for given mesh.

Parameters:Mesh & mesh (const) –

Broadcast mesh data from main process (used when Mesh is created on one process)

Parameters:MPI_Comm mpi_comm (const) –
Return type:void

Check that all essential data has been initialized, and throw error if there is a problem

Return type:void

Clear all data.

Return type:void

Mesh domain data [dim](line, (cell_index, local_index, value))

Return type:std::map< std::size_t, std::vector< std::pair< std::pair< std::size_t, std::size_t >, std::size_t > > >

Copy data from mesh.

Parameters:Mesh & mesh (const) –
Return type:void

Geometry data.

Return type:Geometry

Return MPI communicator.

Return type:MPI_Comm

Receive mesh data from main process.

Parameters:MPI_Comm mpi_comm (const) –
Return type:void

Reorder cell data.

Return type:void

The membership flag


Holder for topology data.

Return type:Topology