class dolfin.cpp.mesh.BoundaryMesh

Bases: dolfin.cpp.mesh.Mesh

A BoundaryMesh is a mesh over the boundary of some given mesh. The cells of the boundary mesh (facets of the original mesh) are oriented to produce outward pointing normals relative to the original mesh.

Create boundary mesh from given mesh.

  • Mesh & mesh (const) – (Mesh ) Another Mesh object.
  • type (std::string) – (std::string) The type of BoundaryMesh , which can be “exterior”, “interior” or “local”. “exterior” is the globally external boundary, “interior” is the inter-process mesh and “local” is the boundary of the local (this process) mesh.
  • order (bool) – (bool) Optional argument which can be used to control whether or not the boundary mesh should be ordered according to the UFC ordering convention. If set to false, the boundary mesh will be ordered with right-oriented facets (outward-pointing unit normals). The default value is true.

Get index map for entities of dimension d in the boundary mesh to the entity in the original full mesh

Parameters:d (std::size_t) –
Return type:MeshFunction< std::size_t > &

The membership flag