Bases: object

A File represents a data file for reading and writing objects. Unless specified explicitly, the format is determined by the file name suffix. A list of objects that can be read/written to file can be found in GenericFile.h. Compatible file formats include:

  • Binary (.bin)
  • RAW (.raw)
  • SVG (.svg)
  • XD3 (.xd3)
  • XML (.xml)
  • XYZ (.xyz)
  • VTK (.pvd)

Create an outfile object writing to stream Arguments outstream (std::ostream) The stream.

Parameters:& outstream (std::ostream) –
Type_binary = 5
Type_raw = 3
Type_svg = 6
Type_vtk = 2
Type_x3d = 0
Type_xml = 1
Type_xyz = 4
static create_parent_path()

Arguments filename (std::string) Name of file / path.

Parameters:filename (std::string) –
Return type:void
static exists()

Check if file exists Arguments filename (std::string) Name of file. Returns bool True if the file exists.

Parameters:filename (std::string) –
Return type:bool

The membership flag