class dolfin.cpp.fem.PointSource(*args)

Bases: object

This class provides an easy mechanism for adding a point quantities (Dirac delta function) to variational problems. The associated function space must be scalar in order for the inner product with the (scalar) Dirac delta function to be well defined. For each of the constructors, Points passed to PointSource will be copied. Note: the interface to this class will likely change.

Create point sources at given points of given magnitudes.

  • const FunctionSpace > V0 (std::shared_ptr<) –
  • const FunctionSpace > V1 (std::shared_ptr<) –
  • std::vector< std::pair< const Point *, double >> sources (const) –

Apply (add) point source to right-hand side vector.

Parameters:& b (GenericVector) –
Return type:void

The membership flag