class dolfin.cpp.fem.AdaptiveLinearVariationalSolver(*args)

Bases: dolfin.cpp.fem.GenericAdaptiveVariationalSolver

A class for goal-oriented adaptive solution of linear variational problems. For a linear variational problem of the form: find u in V satisfying

a(u, v) = L(v) for all v in :math:`\hat V`

and a corresponding conforming discrete problem: find u_h in V_h satisfying

a(u_h, v) = L(v) for all v in :math:`\hat V_h`

and a given goal functional M and tolerance tol, the aim is to find a V_H and a u_H in V_H satisfying the discrete problem such that

\|M(u) - M(u_H)\| < tol

This strategy is based on dual-weighted residual error estimators designed and automatically generated for the primal problem and subsequent h-adaptivity.

Create AdaptiveLinearVariationalSolver from variational problem, goal form and error control instance Arguments problem (LinearVariationalProblem ) The primal problem goal (Form ) The goal functional control (ErrorControl ) An error controller object

  • LinearVariationalProblem > problem (std::shared_ptr<) –
  • Form > goal (std::shared_ptr<) –
  • ErrorControl > control (std::shared_ptr<) –

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