dolfin.functions.functionspace.VectorFunctionSpace(mesh, family, degree, dim=None, form_degree=None, constrained_domain=None, restriction=None)

Create vector-valued finite element function space.

Use VectorFunctionSpace if the unknown is a vector field, instead of a FunctionSpace object for scalar fields.

mesh (Mesh)
the mesh
family (string)
a string specifying the element family, see FunctionSpace for alternatives.
degree (int)
the (polynomial) degree of the element.
dim (int)
an optional argument specifying the number of components.
form_degree (int)
an optional argument specifying the degree of the k-form (used for FEEC notation)

If the dim argument is not provided, the dimension will be deduced from the dimension of the mesh.

Example of usage

V = VectorFunctionSpace(mesh, "CG", 1)