dolfin.fem.assembling_local.assemble_local(form, cell)

Assemble the given form on the given cell and return the corresponding local tensor.

Depending on the input form, which may be a functional, linear form or bilinear form, a scalar value, a vector or a matrix is returned.

The form can be either a UFL Form or a DOLFIN Form. The return value will be a Python float, or an appropriately sized numpy ndarray.

To understand the connection between the returned local cell tensor and the global tensor the mapping can be found as normal from a function space as V.dofmap().cell_dofs(cell.index()).

If you pass a UFL form it will be compiled with dolfin.Form(form). This operation is collective. If you do not run assemble_local on all MPI processes simultaneously you should pre-compile the form first on all ranks.