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FEniCS versions and release notes

The latest stable release of FEniCS version 1.5.0 released 2015-01-12. For more information about FEniCS releases and changes, take a look at Release notes for FEniCS. Note that binary packages will appear a few days after the release of a new version.

Binary packages

This is the main FEniCS download, suitable for most users. It includes everything needed to get you started with FEniCS.

Download for Debian Download for Ubuntu Download for OS X Download for Windows

For information on user contributed binary packages, see Contributed packages.

Installation from source (fenics-install.sh)

You may also choose to install FEniCS directly from source. This may be done by running the following command:

Running this command will build a local installation of FEniCS, including essential dependencies such as PETSc. The installation relies on HashDist. Before running the script, you may wish to download and expect its contents.


  • A standard Unix environment (Linux or Mac)
  • The Git version control system, available as the package git in most Linux and Mac package managers
  • Mac users will also need to install Xcode from the Mac App Store

Nightly snapshot releases

Every night, FEniCS snapshot releases are automatically generated for Ubuntu and Mac OS X. They are made available at our snapshots page.

Development version

For information on accessing the development repositories, see Contributing.

Data and meshes

A collection of meshes for free use with FEniCS is available here.


Visit the troubleshooting page if you have problems installing FEniCS.