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Taking part in the development

Each component of FEniCS is hosted on Bitbuket. The first thing a prospective developer needs to do is to register an account on Bitbucket.

Mailing lists

The development of FEniCS is discussed actively on the mailing list FEniCS mailing list.

User questions

User questions are discussed on the Getting answers pages. Developers should make sure to join the relevant team for each component so that they will be notified about new user questions.

Bug reports

Bug reports are discussed on the Reporting bugs pages.


FEniCS uses ‘Bitbucket issues’ to keep track of the specifications for new features. Before adding a new blueprint it is a good idea to first discuss the design on the mailing list.

Proposals for new features should be added to the issues for the relevant project. For example, DOLFIN issues is the place for proposals regarding the FEniCS user interface DOLFIN.